Tomasz Musiał

Born 1974, Czestochowa, Poland 


Lives and works in Lodz and Czestochowa, Poland.


1995-2000 Academy of Fine Arts Łódź, Poland

2010 – he received a PhD

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2018 -"The black square/the white square", Olipus Gallery, Lodz (Poland)

2014 -”The White Eagle/The red eagle” Olimpus Gallery, Lodz (Poland)

2012 -“Intimate performance”, Czestochowa Museum CPM, Czestochowa (Poland)

2010 -“Strong man&Strange man”, Public Gallery of Art 13 Muz, Szczecin (Poland)

2010 -„Architecture PTCL”, Konduktorownia Gallery, Czestochowa (Poland)

2008 -„Top shelf”, (with K.Kuskowski) Konduktorownia Gallery, Czestochowa (Poland)

2005 -Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA, Sieradz (Poland)

2004 -Gallery of Contemporary Art “Wieza Cisnien”, Konin (Poland)

-Public Gallery of Art „Balucka Gallery”, Lodz (Poland)

-“Last Supper” – Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA, Kalisz (Poland)

Selected group exhibitions:

2018 -Idealists and provocateurs, Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz (Poland)

2018 -Why do we need freedom, anyway?, Centre of Contemporary Art In Torun (Poland)

2018 -Incident - Accident IV, City Art Gallery, Czestochowa (Poland)

2017 -SYNERGIA, BWA Gallery, Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland)

2015 - Clear and designed, Gallery Immaginarium, Lodz, (Poland) 

2014 - Polnische kunst heute, Glasbau, Pfarrkirchen (Germany)

2013 - Positive Disintegration. Nowicki, Musial, Bakanow. Centre of Art Promotion, Lodz (Poland)

2012 - Art & Documentation Festival, Gallery Imaginarium, Lodz (Poland)

2011 - THYMÓS. The Art of Anger 1900 – 2011, Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, (Poland)

2010 -„Qui vive?” 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow (Russia)

2010 - KiC NordArt, Budelsdorf (Germany)

2009 - II Festival of Young Art, Pomeranian Dukes Castle, Szczecin (Poland)

2008 - Biennale of Young Art, „Fish Eye 5” Baltic Art Gallery, Ustka;  Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw (Poland)

2008 -"Diary of theTamagotchi Generation" Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw (Poland)

2005 - „IMAGES OF ‘SOLIDARITY’. SOLID ART”- European Parliament, Bruxelle (Belgium), Museu d’Història de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain)

2005 - „mLodz – identification”, Centre for the Propagation of Art, Lodz; Arsenal Gallery, Poznan (Poland)

2005 - „Die verdammten im Haus Schwarzenberg”, Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin (Germany)

2004 - 20th Modern Polish Painting Festival, Kierat Gallery, Szczecin (Poland)

2003 - 36th All-Polish Painting CompetitionBielsko Autumn” BWA Gallery Bielsko Biala, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Slupsk (Poland)

2001 - International Young Art, Sotheby’s - Tel-Aviv (Israel), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts New York (USA)

2001 - 4th National Exhibition of Young Artists, BWA Wroclaw (Poland)

Selected awards:

2009 - Festival of Young Art „Przeciag” Szczecin, (Poland) Special Prize

2008 - Biennale of Young Art „Fish Eye 5” (Poland) Special Prize

2006 - 1st International Competition for the Composition of Original Painting - Distinction Prize, Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, Atens (Greece)

2004 -12th National Salon of Art. „EGERIA 2004” (Poland) 1st Prize

Public collections:

Zacheta Contemporary Art Association in Szczecin

Zacheta Regional Association of Contemporary Art in Czestochowa

Private collections: 

Germany, Israel, USA, France, Poland


13 Muz Gallery

Olimpus Gallery

Konduktorownia Gallery

Centre of Art Promotion